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Customized Life Science Trade Shows

The Scientist Connect is the only full service event planning company that supports research facilities to host and organize on-campus life science trade shows. Our experts handle all the logistics, and vendors are carefully selected for each event to ensure they offer the best technologies, products and services that meet your strategic goals. These free of charge events help research departments save time and effort while ensuring maximum results.

Special Events Coordination

If your life science company has developed a new technology, or there is an area of interest you would like to know more about, The Scientist Connect can organize customized workshops and speciality seminars to best meet your needs. These fee-based engagements is the perfect way to leverage your targeted audience and maximize your forecasted return on investment.

Hosting Services

The Scientist Connect offers a special, free of charge, service to research facility administrators and department managers that need to plan their annual onsite laboratory equipment and supply trade show. Such activity will serve as a great opportunity for your organization to fundraise its ongoing research projects and scientific programs. By allowing us to help you organize your event, you will minimize time-related charges using internal resources and in house personnel. The Scientist Connect will work according to your facility’s guidelines and with your primary biotech vendors and service providers. The Scientist Connect will handle the space layout, show advertising, registration, catering, vendors’ invitation, and manage all necessary details to efficiently and effectively run the exhibition. The hosting facility would only be required to provide the right space for the event. Our main objective is to help you save time, money, promote your research projects, meet your mission, and achieve your funding goals from your on-campus show.

New Services

1) Posting/flyer distribution
At each of our shows, we would, for only one vendor among the participating companies, post and distribute your company’s promotional flyer in the same locations where we post and hand out our flyers regarding the event.
Service fee: 50$ per show. First come, first served.

2) Survey with a Prize Draw
This is a great way to obtain more targeted LEADS, even if you do not participate at the vendor show.
On a “coupon format sheet” you could present your mini-survey; it could be one question, multiple-choice questions (2 or 3 maximum) or “Yes or No” type of questionnaire (participants will be asked to provide their contact information).

This will enable you to compile a customized database of the current market needs and trends. In general, people react very well to short surveys with prize draw as opposed to filling out a one page “quote request”.
Service fee: 50$ – We provide the prize

3) Technology Seminars
The Scientist Connect provides effective and cost-saving vendor management service by setting up customized technology seminars to best meet your client’s needs. Few companies still organize these type of workshops, and usually have great turn-outs. However, we started to see less and less of these events as the setting up process became long and tedious.

Through our service, we will handle the space booking/rental within the research center of your interest, provide a fully catered lunch or light refreshment (depending on the seminar’s time), and manage all necessary details to efficiently and effectively run the event. We will also do the advertising and make sure to invite targeted research members including PI, post-docs, lab managers etc. As the main sponsor of the event, your company would only be requested to invite 1 or 2 speakers to address the audience on a current research related topic.
Service fee: 2000$ – price may vary according to the research institute you choose.